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A third of the electricity that powers your home is renewable

Over a third of imported electricity supplies (219mil of 627mil units) are from hydro sources backed by Guarantees of Origin.

Electricity is 10x lower carbon than gas or oil
The carbon intensity of Jersey’s distributed electricity is 26g CO2e / kWh (2019). By comparison Jersey LPG is 241CO2e / kWh* and Jersey Heating oil is 298 CO2e / kWh*.

Electricity is cleaner and greener

Electricity is 10x lower carbon than gas or oil, and has zero emissions at point of use.

Electric heating is super efficient

Electric heating is typically 100% efficient, but can potentially offer efficiencies as high 300-500% via an air source heat pump.

*Building Bye-Laws (Jersey) Technical Guidance Document 11.1B 2016.