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Underfloor Heating

Truly smart technology fits into our home seamlessly, to the point that you don’t even know it’s there. Underfloor heating offers the ultimate in clean design, it’s particularly suited to today’s open-plan living as it warms evenly leaving no cold spots. It can sit beneath virtually any type of floor finish, including stone, tile, wood and carpet and is popular for hard cold surfaces such as tiled floors, particularly in bathrooms.

Two main types of underfloor heating are electric cable (dry system), and underfloor heating pipes (wet system) served by either and electric boiler or heat pump. Both systems can be fitted with controls to set individual room timings and temperatures from your phone or tablet.

Smarter Living features underfloor heating from Nu Heat and Gaia. A precise design service, assessing the space to be heated and your floor finishes will ensure your electric underfloor heating systems perform as you require required even in the coldest winter months.

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