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Smart Tech

Want to join the smart revolution but afraid to ask how? Come to the Powerhouse where we’ve created a space for you to experience and learn about all the latest smart home technology in the comfort of a real home environment – so you can see exactly how it would look and feel in your own home.

You can interact with the products first-hand. Expert help is available from our friendly, fully trained sales team who all use smart products in their homes.

Smart technology is easier to install and use than you might think and it can benefit your life in all kinds of ways, giving more control and more convenience, creating a home that works just the way you want it to.

Smart technology enables you to connect speakers, lights, doorbells, security cameras, windows, heaters and other appliances to your home WiFi so you can communicate and control them via an app on your smartphone, table or PC.

Many connected home devices can be brought together with voice control assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri so you don’t even need to pick up your smartphone. Smart technology puts YOU in control, saving you time, energy, money and enhancing your lifestyle. Come and get smart. Come and see the new smart tech space at the Powerhouse.

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