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Pipeless Heating

What does smart heating mean to you? How about digital controls, app connectivity, 100% efficiency, low carbon footprint and no risk of harmful fumes or carbon monoxide. Pipeless heating ticks all the boxes, and with low maintenance and no risk of water leaks, is pipeless the heating solution for the future?

Traditional central heating uses a boiler to heat water, the warm water is then pumped around your house through pipes to the radiators that warm your rooms. Pipeless heating replaces the pipes with cables, and uses electric heaters to provide a smarter central heating system. You might opt for panel or storage heaters, either way you won't have to worry about leaky pipework.

Smart panel heaters are slim, sleek and stylish and provide instant heat whenever you need it. They are 100% efficient as they directly convert electricity to heat at the point of use. Digital controls, accessible via your phone or tablet, mean you can set the time and temperature on individual heaters for different rooms. Your smart phone gives you flexibility, and now if you are going to be late home, or go on holiday, you can override your programme from anywhere to save energy. Smarter Living features smart panel heaters from leading manufacturers Farho, EHC an Dimplex.

Technology is constantly evolving, and electric storage heaters are no different. Modern storage storage heaters are energy efficient and totally controllable. State-of-the-art insulation material means they retain heat for longer, giving you more heat when you need it, and automatically adjust how much heat they need to store to maximise energy efficiency. Digital controls allow you to set a desired room temperature as well as programme seven-day time patterns to suit your lifestyle. Smarter Living features the Dimplex Quantum, the most advanced and economical storage heater on the market. Up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater with intuitive digital controls and self-learning capability, step into the world of Quantum at Smarter Living and transform your home heating system.

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