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Our electricity system is the envy of many island communities and even larger jurisdictions because it is already virtually decarbonised, with 33% of supplies coming from renewable hydro-electric sources in France. This has helped Jersey as a whole reduce its carbon emissions by 40% between 1990 and 2015 and given the Island a tremendous foundation for a low carbon future.

So how can you lower your carbon footprint? The Energy Saving Trust state that heating and hot water account for 62% of a typical UK home's energy consumption. If you are currently using an oil or gas boiler to heat your home you can slash your carbon footprint by switching to electricity. 

It is easy to cut your carbon impact in Jersey as the electricity powering your home generates 80% less carbon emissions per unit than local fossil fuels. By switching your heating to electricity, a huge chunk of your carbon footprint simply disappears. What's more, through smart controls and 100% efficient technology, you can reduce your energy use even further.

But why stop at the front door? Carbon emissions from transport make up around one third of Jersey's total carbon footprint. In addition, we all breathe in the exhaust emissions from cars every day. Electric vehicles offer low carbon energy driving, and zero exhaust emissions - as well as being incredibly affordable to run. Find out more about the public electric charging network here.

Despite the progress we've made there is more work to be done. There is an appetite for local renewables and Jersey Electricity are actively engaged with local stakeholders to enable small ground-mounted solar farms with the security of long-term purchase agreement. Renewable energy is already a significant part of Jersey’s energy mix, and local renewables have an important place in our energy future, when integrated in an efficient and economically viable manner that benefits all our customers.

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