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What is a smart home?

Smart homes are becoming more and more common and popular – but what are they? In essence, a ‘smart home’ is one that works for its occupants – making use of appliances, lighting fixtures, temperature regulation, entertainment and security systems that communicate with one another and can be controlled in minute detail at home or remotely.

So what are the benefits? A fully integrated smart home system has the potential to make life exponentially easier for you and your family, saving time, money and energy with a minimum of stress and effort. Perhaps the most immediately noticeable difference it can make comes with the convenience it introduces. The ability to control and observe things like your television, computer and security system from your phone is not only satisfying, it makes using your home that much easier.

When devices are connected to hubs like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, controlling your home is as easy as saying what you need. Worried that you forgot to lock a door or turn off a light? Smart homes offer peace of mind and reassurance in the fact that you can control these things remotely, wherever you are in the world. Want to check on the kids or the dog from work? Security cameras can be monitored from afar, too.

It isn’t just convenience that has made smart homes so popular, though. The significance of the savings made with the use of smart heating, electricity and lighting systems has been a breakthrough in making the modern house more eco-friendly – and easier on the wallet. Self-monitoring central ‘hubs’ can provide detailed reports of energy usage for all connected devices, making it far easier to determine where your money is going and whether it’s necessary. Services like heating and lighting can be turned off and on from abroad, ensuring that you’re not wasting money warming an empty house or using unnecessary electricity.

To help you understand you whole house electricity use Jersey Electricity have introduced Smart Account. This free online portal allows you to access the detailed electricity data captured by your Smart Meter. Daily profiles or half hourly graphs let you see exactly how much electricity you are using and when you are using it.

Implementing a smart home system isn’t a matter of upping sticks and finding a ready-made home of the future, either. The most up-to-date hubs and devices are designed to be retrofitted into existing homes, making it easy to customise your system to your needs without spending money on features you’ll never use.

The Powerhouse stock a selection of smart security camerasheating systems, smoke and motion detectors, lighting and locks, offering a world of convenience and economy. A smart home unlocks your home’s potential to save money, minimise environmental impact and, importantly, to work for you. Get in touch and tell us exactly what you need, and we’ll start building your smart home together.