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Here’s our top three reasons to switch to electric heating

1. Simply switch and save

Customers switching from gas tend to move from a gas boiler to an electric boiler - this is the simplest and most cost effective installation, and you generally won't need to change or modify your radiators. With electric heating you'll have access to Jersey Electricity's heating tariffs, meaning any heating or hot water usage will be charged at a discounted rate. The E20+ tariff is best suited to an electric boiler, it's available 24 hours a day so your heating is always on tap at the flick of a switch. To find out how much you could save on running costs ask our heating surveyors for an estimate during your survey.

2. Leave fossil fuels in the past

Unless you’ve been buried under a rock you probably know by now that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are bad news. The good news is, for most gas users switching to electric heating is the single biggest change you can make to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Heating our homes uses a lot of energy, and with electricity emitting nearly 10x less carbon than gas you can cut your carbon footprint in a flash. What’s more, one third of Jersey’s electricity is purchased from La Rance hydro-electric tidal power plant near St Malo – you’ll be switching to sea-power!

3. Worry-free energy

With no risk of carbon monoxide, gas leaks or explosion we hope electric heating can help you sleep a little easier. You’ll also have one less set of bills to worry about, with all your energy needs billed quarterly – or split the cost with interest free payment options to make things even easier. Finally, if you’ve any problems setting up your new electric heating system you can call in one of our Home Energy Advisors to walk you through the controls – just heat, no hassle.

Want to find out more? Drop in to visit our Energy Advisors at Smarter Living, Book a Survey, or call 505600 to arrange a free no obligation heating survey.